Volume II Chapters

Volume II of the CWAM provides guidance on specific aspects of watershed assessment and evaluation. Each chapter describes current methods to monitor and evaluate conditions of these watershed processes and features. They also include descriptions of how you can include the data collected about these watershed attributes in your watershed assessment or environmental indicator score-card.

These are draft chapters available for public review and use in your watershed assessments as you see fit. They are available as electronic versions only, no hard-copies. Feel free to comment on these materials and suggest additions. We will do our best to augment the guidance and correct any mistakes our user community finds. For more information, email Fraser Shilling at fmshilling@ucdavis.edu.


Chapter 1    Environmental Indicators and Conceptual Modeling  (Authors: Fraser Shilling, UC Davis and Barbara Washburn, OEHHA)

Chapter 2    Water Quality in Watershed Assessment  (Authors: Barbara Washburn, OEHHA, and Fraser Shilling, UC Davis)

Chapter 3    Fluvial and Geomorphological Processes  (Author: Joan Florsheim, UC Davis)

Chapter 4    Using Periphyton in Watershed Assessment  (Author: Fraser Shilling, UC Davis)

Chapter 5    Using Benthic Macroinvertebrates in Watershed Assessment  (Author: Fraser Shilling, UC Davis)

Chapter 6    Fire Ecology in Watershed Assessment  (Author: Gary Nakamura, UC Cooperative Extension, Chris Keithley, CalFire, David Schmidt, The Nature Conservancy)

Chapter 7    Fish Populations

Chapter 8    Statistics

Chapter 9    Cumulative Effects and Information Integration